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Grow your best beard yet with our Beard Builder Kit! Whether you're looking to shape up a scraggly scruff or launch your lumberjack look to legendary heights, this kit has everything you need for your facial hair finesse. It comes with Calla Clear Face & Beard Wash, Calla Tone Mist, Calla Beard Slip Balm, Wooden Beard Comb, Natural Boar Bristle Beard Brush, and Mustache/Beard Trimming Scissors – all the tools to get out of those hairy situations!

Includes Full Size Products:


1. 4oz. Calla Clear Faced & Beard Wash

1. 50ml Calla Tone Toning Mist

1. 1oz. Calla Beard Slip Balm

1. Boar Bristle Beard Brush

1. Wooden Mustache & Beard Comb

1. Mustache and Beard Trimming Scissors

Beard Builder Skincare Kit

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